ESF – The Foundation of a Federation

Douglas Gattini


ESF History & Activities

Chris McAlister, Dr. Eduard Tripp

ESF Structure & Objectives

Chris McAlister, Dr. Eduard Tripp

Supervision in Shiatsu

ESF Board

Shiatsu in Austria. Vision for the Future of Shiatsu in Europe

Dr. Eduard Tripp

Does Shiatsu need Research?
If so, what kind of Research does Shiatsu need?

A Report on the Panel Discussion from the ÖDS Days, Vienna, 13 June 2019
Dr. Eduard Tripp, Karin Koers and Achim Schrievers


How Dangerous is Shiatsu? Science and Polemics

Dr. Eduard Tripp

Shiatsu in Austria.
The Beginnings, the Present and the European Dimension

Eduard Tripp, Chris McAlister