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The European Shiatsu Federation the “ESF” is non-party, nondenominational and non profit-making. The main objective of the ESF is to advance Shiatsu as a healing method throughout Europe and to promote high standards of professional practice.

It aims to establish throughout Europe the legal right to practice Shiatsu as an independent, self-regulating health-care method, legally available as a first choice treatment option to the public. Also to establish, and to revise from time to time, procedures for the mutual recognition of professional practitioners, teachers and schools between member associations.

  • To promote the ongoing development of professional education and of standards of practice.
  • To promote the ongoing research into the effectiveness and benefits of Shiatsu.
  • To promote educational/research, practical and social exchange between Shiatsu professionals in Europe.
  • To represent the interests of the Federation to the European Union and all its relevant institutions, and to any other relevant international bodies.
  • To promote the establishment of National Professional Shiatsu Associations where these do not exist.
  • To support the activities of the National Professional Associations in furthering these objectives.
  • To establish good working relationships with other organisations that share these or other compatible objectives.
  • The members of the ESF are those National Professional Shiatsu Associations which subscribe to the above aims

Objectives, Activities and Structure of the ESF

Goals & Objectives

To achieve legal establishment of the organisation and the profession of shiatsu in Europe.

To promote and fundraise for research that supports the professional development of shiatsu in Europe.

To campaign for the development of research methodologies appropriate to the study of shiatsu and other CAM modalities

To disseminate the results of the ESF funded cross-European research into the Experience and Benefits of Shiatsu

Minimum common standards of professional shiatsu education in Europe and mutual recognition of shiatsu practitioners.

The ESF is open to membership by all European National Shiatsu Associations ( legal entities)… It encourages and supports the formation of national associations where these do not exist.

To establish working relationships with all persons and organisations worldwide who can assist us to achieve our goals.

Our goal is to attract additional funding from Europe and to attract input from ordinary membership of National Associations and core groups.

EFCAM – European Forum for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The ESF is a member of EFCAM.
Promoting Integrated Healthcare in Europe.
EFCAM is the collaborative platform representing the interests of patients, practitioners, researchers and the industry involved in CAM and working to promote and develop a more holistic and integrated approach to healthcare in Europe.

EPHA – European Public Health Alliance
The ESF is a member of EPHA.
The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) is a network of local, national, European and international non-governmental organisations and other not-for-profit-organisations that actively promote and protect the public health interests of all people living in Europe.

International Shiatsu Organisations

AOBTA – The American Organisation for Bodywork Therapies of Asia

STAA – Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia