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Connecting our Global Community


We learn from others about what can be done and what is more difficult to achieve. We learn the how as well as the why. We learn what these projects cost in terms of energy and even money and what they achieve in terms of benefits for the people receiving treatment and for the practitioners themselves in different ways.

From the many, we create the one. This provides fuel for new ideas and initiatives – by making the concerted efforts of Shiatsu practitioners, teams and schools from around the world available to the global community, we create new synergistic energy forms.

Shiatsu Resources Worldwide means:

Shiatsu Stories

Our primary goal is to collect and summarize information about how and where Shiatsu practitioners have successfully introduced Shiatsu.
Each story contains facts, statistics and outcomes but what makes them special is the inspiration, the desire to help and create a better place for ourselves and the people around us.
Your story deserves to be known!
Have a look at our last story: Shiatsu and mental Health by Claire Gilliver (UK)

Shiatsu Treasures

The European Shiatsu Federation highlights some of the forgotten gems of literature that chart the gradual creation of the art we now call Shiatsu

Shiatsu Library

The European Shiatsu Federation offers you a comprehensive list of Shiatsu book titles in many different languages. A valuable tool for all Shiatsu practitioner