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Why this initiative?

Shiatsu Without Borders aims to connect Shiatsu practitioners all over the world and make them visible: without conditions and obligations. Following only one idea: to show the diversity and spread of Shiatsu. To draw attention to Shiatsu in a focused way. To make a strong statement.

Why a month?

The original initiative of the ESF, which originated in the 1990s, was an International Shiatsu Day, which took place in autumn at that time. Although international at that time still referred to Europe, the idea of a common day could not be implemented in this form for long; soon a common day could no longer be found.

And while in most of the countries participating at that time the idea therefore fell asleep, this initiative remained alive for example in Austria in a slightly modified form. In order to coordinate the different actions in time, the Shiatsu Day became a Shiatsu Week and finally an even bigger period.

Why Shiatsu Without Borders Month now?

Shiatsu Without Borders and Shiatsu Resources Worldwide and the recently launched Shiatsu Without Borders Month are different aspects of a larger initiative to make Shiatsu visible and experiential. Shiatsu Without Borders Month builds on and complements the previous initiatives.

Who is invited?

Everyone. All who follow the idea of a Shiatsu day (or a longer period) in the original tradition. All who follow similar approaches. And all those who do not yet follow this idea and whom we would like to inspire to join this initiative.

All are welcome to be part of Shiatsu Without Borders!
Let's be visible together!